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Ajax! Puppy in training.
Photo credit to Gina Da Silva
Photo credit to Gina Da Silva

As the writing industry grows, so does our interest list, sponsors and hosting team. This year the Ignite Your Soul Author Event will was hosted by its previous host, Author Crystal St. Clair, and new host, Author Erin Cristofoli!


Sponsorship Packages are now available!


**Please add our email address to your contact list**

Click on each name to be sent directly to their website or pre-order form!


A.E. Albert

Ainsley Booth

Allison Cosgrove

Amabel Daniels

Amy Ruttan

Anne Lange

AW Clarke

C.A. King

C.J. Lazar

C.M. Seabrook

Carey Decevito

Cara Addison

Crystal St.Clair

Daryl J Ball

E.J. Babcock

Elle Klass

Emerald O'Brien

Eric Battershell Photography

Erin Cristofoli

Felicity Kates

Freya Barker

Gillian Jones

JC Hannigan

JM Walker

Jordyn Meryl

Josette Reuel

Kate Reedwood

Kathryn Daugherty

Kayleigh Malcolm

Kendra Mei Chailyn

Kerri Ann

Kimberley McGowan

Kristen Clark-Frost

Kyleigh Castronaro

Lady Laindora

Laura Stapleton

Lilith Darville

M. Lynne Cunning

Maria Vickers

Marianne Maguire

Michelle Thomas

R.K. Gleason

Roxanna Cross

S.H. Timmins

Shannyn Leah

Sue Raymond


Tricia Daniels


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